Built on Self Framework, the SafeWaters app leverages the concepts of Self Profile such as secure data storage and connectivity. Safewaters enables fishermen to link profiles and share information about working and living conditions, and report violations of their safety and rights to relevant organizations. This contributes to the overall wellbeing of fishermen and promotes greater transparency and accountability in the fishing industry.

Features and Core Concepts

SafeWaters platform allows users to create profiles, store personal and contract information, share information about their location and well-being with their families, trusted contacts, and humanitarian organizations such as Safe Waters

It allows for the creation of a decentralized network of connections enabling participants to back up each other’s data without relying on centralized servers. This feature is particularly valuable in the open sea, where internet connectivity may not be available for extended periods of time

Another advantage of SafeWaters is that it is a very lightweight and efficient application that can run on less powerful devices. This is particularly important in the context of the fishing industry, where many fishermen may not have access to high-end devices, reliable power sources, and internet connection.