SelfPass is more than just a vaccine passport, it is an ecosystem of solutions that allows for creating and updating health requirements, broadcasting to the individuals' apps, and verifying the credentials. We bring blockchain technology and premium standards in privacy and security. All are built on open source with transparency and cutting-edge research.

How it works

The Admin Portal allows for the development of comprehensive sets of health requirements, covering all potential scenarios.

Credentials are broadcasted to the individual apps connecting everyone to the ultimate source of truth

In individual applications, only relevant requirements are surfaced based on a specific use case

Finally individual credential sets are verified for compliance.

What kind of data is available in SelfPass?

In app tracking

Location and contacts tracking in app and connected devices

API uploaded

Verified data from accredited healthcare facilities and testing centers, uploaded through SelfPass API

Self logged data

Data logged by user - scanned documents, symptom tracking, health declaration